Ch. 17: E (Part 10)


My life always felt like a small village swarmed by terrorists whom showed no mercy or remorse. Chaos, violence, and misery were the only sounds ricocheting through the village’s stifled cries of heartbreak. Even in the daytime, there was no light, only impenetrable darkness. 

In one dilapidated bomb-stricken house, there were two sisters. The oldest was hiding her younger sister in a small hidden crawl space for protection, ultimately sacrificing herself as a human shield.

However, she was no amateur to such violence; she had been through this far too many times. She had seen those same terrorists invade her village time and time again, each time returning blood thirstier than the last.

She studied their brutal tactics, learning from their means of targeting, manipulation, and pure evil. She knew the only way of surviving was to kill or be killed.

And that’s exactly what she did.

She didn’t just become strong; she became the strongest.

She gave no sympathy to those crossed her path because trust was no longer an option, but rather a mere lucid dream from her once young and untainted imagination. 

She fought. With everything she had. Every single day.

That has always been my life. I have always been hiding and protecting my most prized possession, my innocence.

When I met Edward, I didn’t know how to escape yet. Every time he made me happy and forget my life at home, I took another hit in my moment of vulnerability, each time harder than the last.

I fought so long and so hard for 23 years that the fighting became second nature and I forgot where I had buried my soul.

It wasn’t until I lost Edward and heard the blood-curdling cries of my lost and broken heart screaming in my chest that I remembered where I had hid it after all these years. It wasn’t until his absence that I found myself again. 

As I finally walked away and made my way out of the bomb stricken land, dripping in the blood of my victims who poorly underestimated my strength, I guided my gentle soul through the corpse-lined path I worked for years to clear, and couldn’t help but wonder if I was really a hero or just another terrorist… 


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