EVP Danger

March 20, 2017

11:30 pm

  I just made my first attempt at sleep for the night. It failed. I was getting hit with the vibration sensation from the start. It started up around my legs as usual and then it moved up to my chest area and at times the sensation was quite strong. I just took another dose of sleep-aid. This interference is still what aggravates me the most about this situation. These malevolent entities use sleep deprivation against me. I’ve also seen it in other accounts of this type of situation as well. It’s weird, but these entities try and harass me by calling out my character flaws and sins. But, do they really expect me to start making all sorts of major life changes (not that I don’t recognize a total mind game here, but just as an example) when they are depriving me of a normal sleep routine?

  So, as much as I’ve talked about how I got into this situation, I feel compelled from time to time to just keep repeating and stressing this danger. If you decide to get involved in activities that seek to directly contact the unknown, you could be putting a lot at stake. Engaging in activities such as spirit communication or paranormal research carry many risk, but one of them is that your life, your day to day life, could be turned upside down. I experimented with EVP for a couple of months back in 2015, and aside from a bunch of other problems that resulted from this, one big problem has been that I essentially have to struggle each night just to try and maintain a normal sleep routine because these harassing malevolent entities that I came into contact with back when I was experimenting with EVP, love to harass me when I’m at my most vulnerable like this.

  Sometimes, I can succeed in maintaining something of a normal sleep routine, sometimes I fail and these entities cause me to go entire nights without sleeping. Now I fully realize that this kind of thing will not happen to everyone, even most who get involved in activity like paranormal research, but it’s a danger regardless and one should be aware that they are putting themselves at risk sometimes when getting involved with this sort of thing. In some cases, if things go bad, you can’t just quit and walk away from it. Sometimes the situation can overtake you. If you’re unfortunate enough to come into contact with an extremely malevolent entity during your research, sometimes they’ll want to attach themselves to your life and they won’t want to let you get away from them.

  Attempting to deprive me of sleep seems to be one of their favorite means of attack. So, this is very much a real danger of getting involved with this sort of thing. These malevolent entities that often come through things like EVP and Spirit Boxes can be very insidious. They can lure you in to communicating with them, pretending to be something or someone they are not. They are masterful at feeding your curiosity about the unknown and they will take full advantage of this to deceive you and attempt to get you to interact with them on a routine basis and if they achieve this, they could very well be adapting themselves to your perception range so they then can then proceed to torment you night and day.

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