Hey my love It’s Sunday in Korea.

Hey my love. 

내 사랑아.. 🔠 나는 당신이 항상 웃고 힘있으면 좋겠어요!

/항상 내가 더 힘 줄게요.

(“-”)💗grouper🐟나는 당신이 행복하면

난 너무너무 힘솟고 행복해요.

I’ll forever love you only and only my ❤️ love.

사랑해요 화이팅하자 우리!!!^^

2 thoughts on “Hey my love It’s Sunday in Korea.”

  1. I’m so sorry.. I did not help you to feel less tired. I did not know how to help you.. I just wanted to be next to you..
    Don’t worry. don’t be afraid.. be happy.
    I will pray for it as well.
    I believe he will allow you to be so.
    I will serve you.
    I will pray for you.

    Good night my love. 사랑해 보민아.

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