How do you show your appreciation to your family?

Sometimes I do not feel comfortable by actually saying the words ‘I love you’ to anyone in my family, and actually they never say it to me, but I am truly sure they do. 

I know I may not be the best child to my parents, and I am sure they do deserve the best one. But I know they love me because they accept me how I am. And by accepting I do not mean they accept or tolerate misbehaves. They have thought me during my whole life values and responsibilities, basically, I am who I am because of them.

With ‘accepting who I am’ I mean they knowI have strengths and weaknesses, and we work together to overcome different issues. 

They do not believe in any type of heritage that includes money. They believe the only heritage they will ever give to me is education. 

The way I WILL BE SHOWING GRATITUDE is to taking my responsibilities into everyday activity and get the best out of me because they deserve it. 

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