Lupus Ruins Lifes

My life keeps passing me by as more health concerns pile up. I know it’ll never end, I only crave for days where it doesn’t effect my tomorrow’s at this stage lol I had been able to run and play with my side kick, enjoy a bonfire, clean & organize, but now –  just getting out of bed takes more than I actually believe I am capable of pulling off UGH!  Joys of being ill with end near, but expiration date missing. So guess it will be a Netflix and lick my wounds rest of this week unfortunately :-()

One thought on “Lupus Ruins Lifes”

  1. If you are sick in bed…first of all, let me say how sorry I am. Secondly DON’T feel useless. One thing you can do even when you can’t stand up is PRAY. For family , friends, people on Goodnight Journal, anyone. Pray for the Nation, pray just to be close to God and love Him more. It’s like being given a new life. I will pray for you, dear friend.

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