Saturday early early morning

I really want to try to atleast write 5 entries each week. I like to keep things routine. More often than not, I push my entries off or I start one, but never finish it. Unfinished entries are always saved to private and days later when I decide to “push or get off the pot” I end up deleting it. I just now realized that expression is based on going poo. Ewww. Can’t believe that never dawned on me before.

I woke up late today which was great because I worked last night.  I won’t have a day off until next Saturday which really sucks because my last one was a few days ago. I really enjoy my days off and I actually feel that I need them just so I can get the house order atleast once a week. I hate having a disheveled house. It makes me feel like a slob.

Meth head worked tonight. A part of me is disgusted by him and a part of me pities him. It sounds like he still enjoys his addiction, like he is proud of it. His addiction, surface deep isn’t something he wants to overcome and break free of. Tonight I gave him some food to take home. I may despise the fact that he’s a meth head, but some where under there is a person, one who is probably really suffering. I’ve got to remember to be more kind to him. His behavior drives me up a wall though.

Snooch stayed over her friend’s house for an extra day. We enjoyed a nice car ride to bring her meds to her since she did not pack enough. Next weekend her friend is sleeping over here. It really makes me happy to know Snooch has got such wonderful and strong friendships.

Andy and Tyrion (mainly Tyrion) are getting more curious about going outside. I think the reason behind it is because we are always bring the puppy outside. Now Tyrion is feeling brave enough to try sneaking on to the porch. Andy, Jake, and Tyrion are strictly indoor cats. I will not let them out. If Tyrion keeps on hanging out bu the door waiting for an opportunity I may just put him in a harness and let him explore the backyard. 

Getting sleepy finally. Goodnight!

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