Student Life

Wow, nearly seven weeks since my last entry .. I didn’t mean for it to be this long but then again, seven weeks doesn’t seem so long, yet still, it feels like so long ago since I last wrote on GNJ ..

My last entry written was on the eve of my college enrollment date .. morning came and with documents in hand off I went .. to work first as I didn’t have to be at college until early afternoon .. I did think work might let me off going in but that was just a silly thought .. anyways the time came for me to travel the tube line into the centre of town with google maps telling me which road I needed to go down on leaving the station .. it omitted to tell me there was more than one exit and none of the roads were marked .. I wandered off in the wrong directions more than once, at one point passing armed police in a secluded green with smart looking buildings on the opposite side had me thinking ‘where the hell was I’ .. finally on course in the right direction until the red marker on my phone’s GPS told me I had reached my destination .. hooray .. so where is this college .. I walked off down a side road coming back up again before spotting the college which I had passed on by .. deep breaths of relief entered with me through the college doors ..

We were a small mixed group of eight, all from different services within the same company who are paying for the course .. we sat doing assessments and filling out forms before the tutor introduced herself armed with a list of twenty questions on employment rights to take away .. I want a paragraph on each she instructed before dismissing us at the end of the working day .. No problem, she had also mentioned we were entitled to five hours computer time during our working week .. her words were just a mention as I was to find out, it was up to the manager’s discretion and my manager uttered definite words of ‘that’s not going to happen’ ..

So this is where my time has been spent .. snatched hours of free time buried in employment rights and the principles of communication with reflective practise to follow ..

Still, I can view this as time well spent for the success of the outcome because I am willing myself to pass with a qualified certificate in a year from now.

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