First Journal Entry #1

I have decided to write in this journal just to express my feelings in the best way I know how to. I don’t know where to start exactly so,  here’s the background behind me. I didn’t have the best childhood, in fact it was probably the worst part of my life. My parents, at the time, separated and i was forced to move from house to house constantly.My mom was a hard working single mother of three kids at the time, me, my second oldest brother Oakley, and my oldest brother Nick. She finally met someone named James, who is now my legal guardian and father. My “dad” was constantly getting drunk and he would do awful things to me. After a while, my mother finally realized something was wrong. She wouldn’t let me go back to his house ever again. She called the police, and they started a restraining order. In the mean time, we moved to Illinois where my new father, James, had most of his family and I found my first ever best friend at the age of 7. Her name was Kylee. She had a troublesome life herself but worked it through with her parents. She would never tell me what exactly gone down but it was enough that she would start to panic when i asked her, so never did again. After a couple years living in Illinois, my parents wanted to move again. Then we moved in with my brother in Wyoming because we didn’t have enough money  to get our own house there. It was pretty nice, but from a California raised girl, it was FREEZING. But i did eventually get used to it and it was like nothing. I started therapy with my counselor friend named Rhonda. She was a really nice girl and she was easy to talk to. I never told her exactly what happened but enough  for her to understand the concept of what went down. She soon told my parents and that’s when she suggested getting my name legally changed to my parents last names and maybe even first. I agreed. I hated my name. Not because I didn’t think  it was pretty, but because it always reminded me of that house… and him. When i was thinking of a name, I was watching my (at the time) favorite show. “The Bratz Dolls” and there was one that was blonde and pretty, her name was Chloe. At the time, I wasn’t the best speller and when my parents asked me to write it down i spelled it “Cloey” but that’s my name now. Well, for the most part. It’s my middle name, but it’s the name i go by. After we moved back home to California, I started school again and we moved a lot. So school after school, I finally found one that really had an impact  on me. Elk Hill’s Elementary at the age of 12. A lot of kid’s almost knew who I was from Kindergarten and I made friends easily. I even found my now best friend, Mariah. I am now in High school as a sophomore. I still struggle  with a lot of things but eventually you’ll find out what those  are  real quick. And now, this is going to be a daily or weekly thing about my progress, and let’s hope this helps!!

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  1. Welcome Cloey. I haven’t written my own story yet. I’m probably avoiding it. It sounds like you have a good relationship with your parents and that they paid attention to you and took steps to help you. Unfortunately it didnt work out the same for me. I will try to write about it.

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