The Best Cuddle Buddies

          Today was a great day for relaxing inside the house. I was not alone in this thought because I had the most amazing cuddle buddies in the entire world- my two dogs. I have a Jack Russell/Basenji mix and a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. The first of the two looks more like a Basenji- he has the longer legs, the red and white fur that is so thin you can see his freckled skin underneath, and the desire to (normally) be on the hunt for birds, squirrels, cats, and whatever else he can manage to come across. Before I knew what his breed(s) was/were I had already named him Jack. I saved him from an animal shelter that is nearby where I live. Apparently, he had been there for quite some time and was severely depressed. The only reason he caught my attention was his complete lack of interest in human beings no matter if they were trying to get his attention or not. I had tried and tried to just get him to look at me. Never mind coming up the fence to be pet. Finally, after I had exhausted all efforts, I went home. I just couldn’t stop thinking of him though. I knew this dog needed me more than anything. After a few days passed, I went back to see him and I got the idea of asking him questions. Maybe he would respond. Who knew! My last question to him was, “Do you need a home?” Finally, he reacted! He perked his head up, cocked it to one side, and wagged his tail WHILE looking at me. It was a definite, “Yes!” I promised him I would start the process to get him home. It took some time because I had to get my roommate’s Dashchund caught up on his shots and what-not but he was finally brought home on a very cloudy and rainy day. (Jack hates rain by the way.) I remember releasing him from his pen at the shelter and how he took off like a bolt of lightning, running and yipping and barking and jumping straight into the air- telling all the other dogs goodbye.  When it came to going outside, he wanted no part of it. I don’t know if his previous owner was mean to him when it rained or what but I had to pick him up and carrying him to my truck. Otherwise, we would have sat in the shelter until the rain stopped the next day. On the way to the house, he and I decided what his name would officially be. I tried two or three times asking him if (fill in the blank) was his name. When I asked him if Jack was his name, he looked right at me…the only time he looked at me during the entire ride. Two years later, he still LOVES car rides and whines when he cannot go. Jack is the most loving, most loyal dog I have ever known. His intelligence is astounding! Now on to my second dog- Alfie a.k.a. Doodle-Doo, the Chihuahua mix. He looks like a long-haired Chihuahua all the way around. You cannot tell he has any Jack Russell Terrier in his blood. Alfie was a rescue dog. His owners had him for five years and were forced to move out of their home. Unfortunately for them, they weren’t able to take him with them. Alfie was considered to be an old dog when I got him. He was 8 years old at the time and is 9 years old now. Medically, he’s been diagnosed as being bi-polar, has a tooth decay disease and separation anxiety, and is allergic to all topical flea medications. To say Doodle is a special case is hitting the nail on the head. On his good days, he’s DESPERATELY begging for attention and is very, very clingy. On his bad days, he struggles to chew his food, is very cranky and standoffish, wants nothing more than to be left alone, and is not afraid to prove his point that you should just back off. Lately, he’s struggling with his jumping onto furniture and climbing stairs. I’m sure arthritis is setting in. In regards to riding in vehicles, he truly wants to go along but if he cannot be on the driver’s lap so he can look out, he goes into a sheer panic and whines very loudly and persistently. I love him dearly. Both have found their forever homes. Having said that, I will never have another Chihuahua. Hahaha. Alfie managed to luck out this round! Anyway, yes, today was a good day. We spent the day lounging around with all three of us cuddling up to one another. Days like this are  not frequent so I relish in it, cherish it. Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. They are most definitely mine!

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