03/20/2017 – Today is a new day. It is my new day 1 of this journey and I already partially failed. I chose today that I will do something about my weight. Yes, I am overweight. I think most of it is still baby fat…LOL.  I had some big babies. 

It is Monday and I do not like Mondays! I OVERSLEPT. When I oversleep, it throws everything off! I missed Zumba. I had to go to doctor to get labs done, so hopefully they can figure out why my iron is so LOW. Left there and while getting in the car, my pants SPLIT! So, back home I had to go and change my pants. My heart just sank. All of this meant going into work late. UGH!

I have been working out and eating better. The results just do not come as fast as I want them to. I have to get my mind right that “slow and steady wins the race.” 

Another thing that has been playing in my mind over and over is a FB status that I seen from a girl, who I would say is pretty fit and has a lot going on for her although I know we all have some type of insecurity under the confidence we portray. She mentioned about not having a muffin top. I really do not know why, but reading it felt as if I had been punched in my stomach. 

After all this happened this morning, I went straight to the bakery and purchased a slice of cake AND a donut. I am now mad at myself. 

I told myself today, after I had to change my pants, that I will and can change. I am really thinking about joining Weight Watchers. I really do not like doing anything other than cardio at the gym; so, I think I will purchase some smaller weights for home. 

Today is the first day of Spring! I will have a better rest of the day no matter what comes my way. I will workout tonight. I will walk before leaving work as well. I no longer care about having a workout partner because I have to do this for ME! 


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