1st anniversary

my first anniversary with emil was the past friday, march 17th of 2017. ive been wanting to write about it but i either get lazy i forget.

it was adorable. emil came eat after school with me and mom. he gave me the oh so expected gift……a cute poster of HIM w mint crouton honey and milk !!!!!!!!!!!! its really cute and i stuck it to the wall the same day. we kissed a lot. we watched kimi no na wa and kuzu no honkai. we shouldve watched cinema paradiso!!!!! i keep forgetting. 

i played love live and sung a bit before he had to go home. i got us matching tshirts that we wore that same day.

i was very happy about having spent this long with him. i want to spend my whole life by his side. 

sidenote: that week was excruciatingly anxiety inducing… i gave him this hickey friday before last and it was hell to deal with. it was huge and it got even more bruised after rubbing toothbrushes and spoons on his neck..i felt sorry because it hurt..but at least its all good now! :-9

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