Back To Work

I’ve had a week off work, it was a nice break even though I spent most of it buried in course work ready for college today.

I love my job but lately it seems I can never catch up with myself, unforeseen things happen which end up taking priority over the priorities .. one typical day out of the norm happened earlier this month when an unexploded WW2 bomb was found on a building site .. I arrived at the bottom of a road where six of our clients share a house to find police standing guard with their infamous blue tape sealing of the road .. ‘but I need to go down that road’ Mr Police Officer .. ‘no-one is allowed down there, all the residents are being told to leave’ .. ‘but I have vulnerable adults living down there’ .. after a lot of waiting around in the drizzly rain, I felt kinda special when I was given the signal allowing me to walk through the tape .. I arrived at the house to find three of my clients out on the pavement with another policeman who was telling them they would have to leave .. I knew my clients weren’t going to understand this and quite likely refuse to go until after lots of encouragement the Queen Bee of the house gave the order and the rest followed, we left the house .. we had a bit of a walk as no traffic was allowed through either and after a hearty breakfast they followed instruction to come back to the office .. early afternoon came and I sent them off to a specialist agency five minutes down the road to join in with their afternoon activity programme .. they’d been gone no time at all before I received a call from a manager telling me they had disrupted the whole group and were on their way back to the office .. in they came and sat there the rest of the day not understanding why they couldn’t go home .. we started making plans for alternative accommodation where they could sleep overnight and with my manager in tow off we all went to the first accommodation .. just as we got the first client settled in, the call came, they could return home, the area had been made safe, all three let out a joyous cheer .. me and my manager would have done too if it wasn’t half six on a Friday evening .. we took them back home and promptly hit the pub ..

Hopefully tomorrow will be a normal day and I can catch up on some of my catch up that was waiting before I had a break.

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