Journal Day 147 – Normal, boring, Sunday

Sunday, March 19th 2017

I woke up early this morning at around 8 AM. I spent most of the morning writing the entry about yesterday. During the morning I also browsed through eBay a lot and found some very nice goodies. Not sure yet if I want to purchase anything.

In the afternoon I played Sword & Sworcery EP and finally beat the game. It’s an okay game. I guess it plays better on mobile, but on the computer it wasn’t that much fun, nor was the story decent. I would say the artwork and soundtrack are very good, definitely unique, but the gameplay and story were subpar. I mean you just click around and move, and there was barely any story at all.

The rest of the day, I didn’t really do anything that special. I didn’t study, I walked around for maybe 30 minutes, and trained my eyes for a bit. It was a really depressing walk that night. Shit. I had my contacts off and could barely see anything in the dark. It was so bad. I have to learn to take better care of my vision because I’m starting to fuck it up with all this sleeping with contacts on and everything.

I try to eat blackberries and blueberries to offset the damage, but sometimes dietary treatment isn’t enough. I’m frustrated for my vision. I just hate how I don’t take care of myself that well, and that I tend to procrastinate a lot on tasks despite knowing better.

There were some very good eBay deals I should have gotten. Damn. I actually took a nap at around 6 PM and woke up at 9 PM, and the auctions all ended at 8 PM. I would have spent a good $200+ on the items though, but I would have been able to resell them for $400+. I should have definitely just gotten them. Really missed out there.

Lol. I’m looking at this the next day and the guy actually put the items back online. He raised the price for one of the items by over $25 even though they didn’t sell the first time for being cheaper. Another item he raised the price by $10. Another item by $20. He raised the prices for basically all the items. I think I can still sell them for higher if I get them all, but I’m still debating. That’s $200+ I have to spend… hmm…

That was my day. Nothing much happened.

Food log:

Ate a lot of blackberries. This is a LOT of blackberries. If you went to a normal grocery store, this is probably $15 worth of blackberries since blackberries are one of the most expensive fruits. But I went to a wholesaler and got all this for around $3 to $5. I don’t remember the price exactly, but it was a lot cheaper.

Ate a huge meal. The problem with unprocessed plant foods is that they tend to go bad very quickly. And I mean very quickly. Processed foods like a Clif bar can last a year or more without ever expiring, but plant foods after opening them or cooking them, I would give them a week at best, maybe 3 days if you still wanted them fresh. But it depends on the food. This had: Brown rice, quinoa, coriander, black beans, corn, and tofurky

Ate some PB&J on a single slice of bread. We didn’t have any more bread. This is an example of food that can last a very long time. The jams last forever, and so does the peanut butter. The bread lasts a long time too. It’s definitely much less healthy than the plant foods though, this is basically junk food but it tastes really good.

Not pictured: I ate a lot of potato chips (really freaking salty) with kale

That was my day today. I enjoyed the time to myself.


Selfie for the day

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