Day 388 – Church and parents shipping me

Sunday, March 19th 2017

Today was good.

I went to church and a pastor filled in while the other was on vacation. We talked with him afterwards about him getting coffee with my brother, since my brother doesn’t really come to church, because he can’t handle big crowds. The pastor related to him and gave my parents his business card so they could get coffee.

Not that it’s necessarily important, but I was wearing black pants and a black shirt that I got shopping yesterday. I thought I was wearing a bit too much black, but then my mom reassured that I wasn’t, until I put on my bracelet with a black cat on it, and took out my spring coat, which, you guessed, was black. I mean, I love wearing black, but you don’t usually see me wearing *all* black. Oh well, I like the outfit.

At home I helped a lot more on the server, ate, then watched A Series of Unfortunate Events. At times it can be a bit awkward to watch with the family, or maybe it’s just cause of episode two. First there’s the whole forced wedding ordeal, then, you know that part where Count Olaf puts his hand on Violet’s shoulder and says… Something that could easily be taken out of context or have a hidden tone underneath? Yeah. I like how the show is dark, but man… 

Anyway, I also watched Supernatural and now my parents are teasing me. When switching to it, my dad said “The dream boys” and then my mom just stared at me and when I asked why, she said something along the lines of “Sam should be your boyfriend”. When she first asked me about who I liked a few days ago and I said “mooom” then she guessed Sam, apparently I turned red. I mean, Sam is cute and boyfriend material, but I don’t obsess over him as much as other characters. I mostly just express how he’s the sweetest cinnamon roll and too pure for this world. Points if you get the reference. Though I’ll have to admit, out of all the characters I obsess with at least a little, he’s the most compatible with me. But, too old for me and fictional. Just surprised my parents ship me with him… Wait. THEY’RE SHIPPING. It might be with me, but they have A SHIP! Their fangirl daughter is so proud of them.

Oh and help me. Getting obsessed with Hamilton.

That’s all for today.

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