Entry #1

“While writing this book, I conducted more than a thousand hours of interviews with
family and friends of Henrietta Lacks, as well as with lawyers, ethicists, scientists, and journalists who’ve written about the Lacks family.”

“I’ve done my best to capture the language with which each person spoke and wrote: dialogue appears in native dialects”pg. xiii

I just wanted to take a moment to say how impressed I am from just the prologue. I’d never though about how through a person’s research can be. To conduct research for 10 years on such an obscure subject must be quite hard. I wonder what kind of impact this book had on the author and the family of Henrietta Lacks. I am also very excited to see how Skloot integrate the dialects of the people in the book. I think that this will make for a very genuine feel of the life of Henrietta Lacks.



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