Entry the third

20 March 2017 15:36

Over the years, meeting new people through training, work, etc… I seem to have come out of my shell a little more. I definitely enjoy going out. I enjoy the company or people and having a good time. But still, I feel quite introverted in that I need my time alone. I need to have that space where I can recharge and reflect and just be. Even when I’m with people I still feel like I’m on the the inside of myself, looking out and observing. A part of the whole, but not completely, not really.

In crowds that are too big, anxiety definitely kicks in. But I have learned how to manage that over the years. There are times however, where it almost… almost completely takes over. The worst part is breathing, it becomes hard, and I feel sick… like I just need to get out of wherever I am and go somewhere safe… regain control.

But yea… I think it’s getting better

One thought on “Entry the third”

  1. Many thanks gypsyhippe. That is something that I try to do in certain situations. But as you mentioned it is not always easy. But definitely a step forward 🙂

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