Entry the third

20 March 2017 15:36

Over the years, meeting new people through training, work, etc… I seem to have come out of my shell a little more. I definitely enjoy going out. I enjoy the company or people and having a good time. But still, I feel quite introverted in that I need my time alone. I need to have that space where I can recharge and reflect and just be. Even when I’m with people I still feel like I’m on the the inside of myself, looking out and observing. A part of the whole, but not completely, not really.

In crowds that are too big, anxiety definitely kicks in. But I have learned how to manage that over the years. There are times however, where it almost… almost completely takes over. The worst part is breathing, it becomes hard, and I feel sick… like I just need to get out of wherever I am and go somewhere safe… regain control.

But yea… I think it’s getting better

2 thoughts on “Entry the third”

  1. Anxiety in big crowds is fairly common, my wife has a problem with it. One aspect that seems to work for her is focus on the task at hand, i.e. if you’re at the store, and there’s tons of people. Focus on what you’re getting from the store and not the people. It’s a bit tough and takes some training but it’s better than having an anxiety attack everytime you’re around people.

  2. Many thanks gypsyhippe. That is something that I try to do in certain situations. But as you mentioned it is not always easy. But definitely a step forward 🙂

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