march 20, 2017.

so, i totally wasn’t expecting to receive comments on my first entry! or, like, at all. i just got transplanted back to the days of livejournal. it was weird but very nice too. thank you to anyone who ever comments on my posts – yesterday and in the future! i can’t seem to reply to them, though. is that a goodnight journal thing or am i missing something?

today is the first day my mom has had off of work in 4 days and i’m so happy about it! backstory: i am being treated for agoraphobia and quit my job last year, so i’m unemployed and basically just stay at home all the time. i also can’t drive and don’t have a car, so that doesn’t help. it’s just me and my cat most of the time. so having my mom around is like… christmas. honestly.

i bought this thing called a julep box last month, which is essentially a monthly subscription box of nail polish and cosmetics. i just threw away a decade’s worth of nail polishes during an attempt at minimalism, and kept like five of them. i don’t regret it or anything, but i do miss the variety. anyway, that’s boring. they have a promo where you’ll get 12 nail polishes for free when you sign up, so i was like “fuck yeah” – and now it’s time to get the monthly box. first thing i did this morning was sit down and have my mom pick out some stuff. i never leave the house, right, so what do i need makeup for? it felt really great to have her pick some stuff out just for fun. it’s like a small way i can pay her back for taking such great care of me.

the rest of the morning has been spent watching anime. i’ve never been an anime kind of girl, but lately it’s been really refreshing watching something other than the typical netflix dramas. my friend brenna has been a huge fan of something called love! live: school idol festival which is like… an anime, a band, a concert and a video game series all combined. it’s SO much fun and so addictive. the anime is adorable and pure and it’s been so wonderful having a new thing to bond with brenna over. she’s one of my best friends in the world, one of the neatest people i’ve ever known, and we haven’t been able to talk as much lately. so i’m grateful to have this new thing to share with her. also, the series is just really adorable. it’s a win/win/win.

not sure what the rest of the day is going to entail. i like going out and browsing target and petsmart and stuff like that, so i think we’ll be able to do that. i mainly just wanted to touch base and update this to stay on a roll, and also to thank the commenters again.

i may post again tonight. but for now, that’s all. 

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  1. welcome. someone is always reading, i think, even if they arent commenting. congratulations on throwings things away btw. i cant stand hording. have a good day

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