Multiple personality disorder

Hi. I have multiple personality disorder. Its really confusing and extremely hard to deal with, especially because I hide it from the world, and I hide it well. The only one who has ever picked up on it is my fiancé. Everyone else just seems to think I do a little of everything!  I’ve been having a really hard time lately and just sick of trying to lie and hide it, so I thought I’d let it all out here. Does anyone have the same problem who I can relate to? Let us know! We need help dealing. 

Love Krista, Kimber, Jasmine, Gina, Gema

2 thoughts on “Multiple personality disorder”

  1. I have different parts of me that contradict one another. Variations on a me is what I call it. Mostly what I have identified as the cause is when one personality contradicts the morality of another. Having sex and doing drugs and letting myself think selfishly when planning out my life condradicts the way I was raised. To be non-sexual, not have any substances in my body and to think of others in deciding how to live my life. I have gender identity issues and various others that come into play to make life sometimes unbearable and then at other times intoxicatingly great. At the end of the day I just wish I could be normal But then I might hate normal. No one seems to know what that is. I just feel that normal is everyone but me.

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