Spring time goals

I am writing this blog in two parts – before work (which I am writing now) and after work (which I will publish when I get home from work). The days on this website re-set at 9:30 pm for me. I would prefer to write entry per day rather than 2 one day and none the next. I hope that made sense.

I downloaded 3 new apps on my phone today:

• 30 Day Fitness Challenge – which will prompt me for a personalized exercise session once a day. I set my sessions for 10:30 am. Hopefully time wise that will work out since I go to bed around 2 or 3 am every night. I think working out first thing in the morning will give me a rush of endorphins that will make it easier for me to feel awake and drink less coffee.

•8fit – This app combines a structured exercise plan along with meal suggestions. To be honest when I downloaded this app, I was looking for something focused on nutrition. This app is more exercise and if you pay – nutrition. I am predicting that I use this app the LEAST.

•Mealime – This app is the one I am looking most forward to utilizing. I made sure to to pay special attention to the dislike food list. That’s really important to me since there is so much that I won’t eat. I set my diet towards high protein, low carb, and healthy fat. I already got a meal plan for the next 4 days and I really like what was planned. I got some really awesome recipes including steak & broccoli stir fry. This app also makes a grocery list for me. That’s an extremely helpful tool.

I’m considering setting up my phone and taking a selfie once a day so I can see the results as time goes by. Not sure if I will execute this plan. I prefer to be behind the camera, not in front of it. If I do decide to do it, I won’t be posting it online for a number of reasons I won’t bother to get into.

I don’t have to work a full shift tonight. I am going in strictly to help close up and then do some inventory. Sunday is a busy day for us as everyone likes to go out to eat after church. Usually on Sundays I run the dinner shift (in the kitchen), clean & close up, and then inventory. With tonight’s half shift – I am expecting it to go well.

Snooch is back from her friend’s house. She has been sniffling and her voice sounds strained. I think she has come down with a bug. I wish I could let her stay home tomorrow, but she has missed so much school that I have to send her in no matter what.

Rascal is starting to get bigger. It sort of shocks me that basset hounds are a large breed of dog. He seems so tiny that it is hard to imagine him at 75 lbs. At his last vet appointment he was only 11 lbs.


Now I am home from work and it is technically Monday. Rascal is up on the bed with me. He’s chewing a straw the cats like to play with. When I come home this late he is sleeping in his crate, but he hears me and wakes up. I bring him outside to do his business, but I feel bad penning him up right away. So late nights I let him hang out in my bed for a little bit.

Work wasn’t bad tonight, but like most people, I would have rather been home with my family. I really, really enjoy my husband and my children (and the cats… and the dog).

My goals for tomorrow are:

•Complete atleast 1 challenge on the 30 day fitness app. 

•Complete a challenge on the 8fit app and edit stats

•Limit daily sugar intake to morning cofee only. (As well as find a workable substitute for sugar in my coffee…)

•Take Snooch & dog for a walk

•Drink atleast 32 ozes of water. In reality that is not even very much.

I guess that’s it for now! 


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  1. As soon as I saw Rascal’s face I knew this was your blog. He is darling! Sounds like you have a good life, and I think that’s because you have a good attitude and you are so reasonable and intuitive. I like reading your posts. Hugs!

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