It’s too hot today. Twenty-nine in Celsius at three pm. And it’s only March. Texas is hardcore.

Today my friends in accounting class were having fun talking about exactly how hardcore Texas is. Texas has fire ants, water moccasins, rattlesnakes, black widows, and brown recluse spiders. It also has a lot of trucks (which I’ve seen), horses (which I think I’ve only seen once in Texas so far), and guns (which I’ve never seen in my life). And it does have accents–or the people do.

My friend H also asked our table if we were planning on going to prom. We all said probably not, which put her out, since she wanted a whole big group of people with her. Prom is in May, so she has plenty of time to think about it. We told her not to worry.

I did my interview today. It went well. I have no idea how the answers I got were useful in any way to my argument, but, I’m glad it’s over with. I’ll think of something. I will.

Today my friend JS and I were talking about various things during lunch and during the short period of time after our English test. She told me about a former friend of hers that started dating this guy, who’s a bad influence, makes her grades drop, makes her parents angry at her, makes her emotional, alienates her from her friends (JS’s old friends), isn’t tall hot or handsome or even nice in any way, cheats on her, and gives her obvious hickeys (disgusting). He also bites her, and leaves marks.

Dating in high school is dumb, ya’ll. It won’t last and it wastes time. Especially when you’re dating fucking weird losers who BITE. Who the hell does that, anyway? Biting (AND LEAVING BITE MARKS) should stay a dumb fan-fiction concept. It’s uncomfortably reminiscent of animals marking their territory by pissing over something, or scratching it up, or leaving fur everywhere. It’s bizarre. I wouldn’t know what to do if I had a friend dating some weirdo loser like that. I’d probably shout at her and try to change her mind, and then cry because I wouldn’t want to watch her ruining her entire education or life. It’d be a sad ordeal.

Anyway. Today was a fairly decent day, for a Monday. Nothing really awful happened.

It’s almost May. That means that 1. my dad is leaving us in almost two months and I won’t know how I feel about that 2. school is ending in almost two months and I don’t know how I’ll react to that and 3. i only have a few more weeks of school to actually do all of my volunteering for the NHS. Welp, there’s a big one in April.

It’s too hot walking back from school. My face gets all tanned. And I was wearing all black today, too–my happy color–and it was hot as hell, damn it. I still like seeing that pretty boy walk down the hall every day. I feel like I’ve found a kindred spirit every time I see someone with the same fashion sense: all dark colors, preferably black, and skinny jeans.

I’ve been getting so much sun. Everything is green outside, like summer. And right before spring break, I had still been watching a low-hanging tree branch sprout leaves. All because of that Texas sun…

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