To my teachers,…

Thank you, Arlette, thank you for being so comprehensive with time and your works. Thank you for be my representative in all my academic situations. 

Thank you, José Manuel, I know you are the only one who may understand my passion, and even if you don’t you have it present and you encourage me. Thank you for believing I can. I know that sometimes one person against a mass will never win. 

Thank you, Gina. I know I have not been the best student you deserve, but I am very thankful to you for being a human. To actually understand, you go beyond rubrics and rules, and by going beyond I do not mean you break them, but you understand I am a human and that I commit mistakes.

Thank you, Ana Gloria. I know that sometimes protocols in school, cannot actually show the complete capacities of the students. Thank you for understanding me.

Thank you, Luisa Fernanda. For always having a smile on your face with your classes, but mostly for believing in the intelligence of all us.  

Thank you, Sandra. For all your patience. 


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