Woke up to discover that my leggings were still wet (I had washed them the night before). I blow-dried them as I did my makeup. Had some cereal. School was alright. At recess, I had chips with Brandon at the canteen. Some trainees were ‘teaching’ in P.E. One of them (not the aggressive one) looked like Shane Dawson’s boyfriend. I asked him if I could go to the lavatory (read: have some water and re-apply my lip balm because even that’s more stimulating than playing volleyball) and he said: “Of course, yes, you may.” Went to a bakery with Brandon.

Made lunch. Then Mum came home with some sweets. Ate like a pig. Went to take a nap. Woke up at 7. Had coffee. Grandma called. Of course she did. She asked about Maths. Studied French. And almost finished my Chemistry assignment. Talked to my Maldivian friend via Skype. We talked about the future. It gave me anxiety.

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