Back into its corner

I will be starting a new programme tonight, which I am quite excited about. Week 1’s working sets is 10 heavy singles (90% 1RM), week 2 is 10 sets of doubles, week 3 is trebles, and week 4 is 10 x 4, all at 90%.

I will be doing slightly different accessories as well, which helps keep things fresh.

I have my work cut out with this new routine, but I am really looking forward to tackling it and seeing how I progress through the weeks.

I find myself ruminating quite a lot over all the negative feelings I am experiencing at the moment. I stop it when I catch myself doing it but I know the fact that I am doing it in the first place is a sign of anxiety. I don’t normally dwell on things when I am well.

I managed to fit in 15 min of yoga at the weekend, and it really helped. I hope to find the time for a longer session sometime this week. I have also downloaded an app to help with anxiety relief and meditation, but I am yet to use it.

I am determined not to let the anxiety win; I can, and will, beat it back into its corner.

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