Current Obsession: Riverdale

Hello everyone, 

Sorry it has been almost a week since I last posted, my mind has been elsewhere lately. But I will try and post up more when I can, I promise! But today’s post is all around a current obsession that Sasha recommended to me; Riverdale. 

It is currently on Netflix and ohmygod, I am hooked! It is so good and I have heard that it is similar to Gossip Girl – however I have not watched Gossip Girl but I will let you know if I see similarities! With episodes coming out weekly, I am currently in the middle of episode 5 as I write this. With the first season consisting of 13 episodes, I read recently that it has been renewed for a second season, so I am happy. 

If you have not watched Riverdale, you are basically missing out. In short (without trying to give too much away), it is full of mystery surrounding a murder. However, as a viewer, I also feel like there is a lot of mystery surrounding the characters themselves. The main girl, Betty, has some Ashley Tisdale vibes going on, whilst her next door neighbour, the main guy, Archie, is a hot ginger. 

Long story short, if you like teen drama and murder mysteries, you will love Riverdale. It is full of hot bodied boys, gorgeous girls, psycho crazy girls and even includes the GBF (gay best friend). Riverdale is the name of the high school they all attend and over the summer, whilst schools out, one of their classmates die, and so the narrative of Riverdale begins. It slowly unravels itself so much that it draws you in and keeps your attention. 

But that is all I am going to say for now, I do not want to spoil it for you. Watch it for yourself and you shall find out what I mean. Thank you to Sasha for the recommendation! 

Love, Lily x

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