Day 389 – Back at school

Monday, March 20th 2017

School. School school school…

Was tired all day.

I started with French. We corrected things… Not a fun start. Kohai was there though. So it made things much more tolerable.

I had psychology and we had a substitute. Worked on a project. Shame though. Needed my comedic teacher to bring me back into the school schedule.

At lunch we had a laugh; a close friend, Kohai and I talked about dreams and how in my close friend’s dreams, I don’t seem to exist, and I am always beating people up in my dreams. Her brother also sleep talks, which is funny.

I had English and we played board games. It was fun.

In art we continued water colour.

At home I played on the server and moderated, then watched A Series of Unfortunate Events and Supernatural, before argueing about how Sam is a good character to a Dean-only fan friend of mine.

Sorry this was short. Tired. Not totally interesting day anyway.

That’s all for today.

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