Dream Journal Entry #1: 9 of sword + 4 of sword tarot cards

Only had 5 hours of sleep which is not good  … DAMN YOU INSOMNIA !!!  

Yes ,  I have a dream about these two tarot cards  and it is a very important message for  me , remember “I need to let it go” journal entry I posted  a while back, it seem  I have not  even learned from my own god damn advice and   unknowingly, subconsciously conjured  up  a solutions  for  my current issue .

I am dealing with a lot of anxiety type stress especially between me and my older siblings and its starting to take a toll on my body & lack of sleep.

I need to be Pono ( Be right with oneself or another in  Hawaiian )  both with myself and my brothers &  sister.  

4 thoughts on “Dream Journal Entry #1: 9 of sword + 4 of sword tarot cards”

  1. They were both in the upright positions the 9 of swords was the first card I saw in my dream and its meanings pretty much hit the nail on my guilty conscious coffin about my current situations with both me & my older siblings.

    Meanwhile, the 4 of swords( Upright ) is another strong reminder & solutions which continued off from the 9 of swords energies; Really telling me I need to Make amends with my family, put it all behind me so I can finally have that needed Rest.

  2. I have a similar interpretation of the 9 of swords, but when it comes to the 4 up right – I interpret it more as relaxation, contemplation, and resolution.

    I hope that you are able to have a happy resolution to the conflict.

    I love tarot cards!

    ETA: Maybe those cards are the current conflict & the future outcome 🙂

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