Is it Friday yet?

Today, so far, so good. I didn’t work out at 10:30 as I had planned, but I did work out once today. It was a targeted work out of crunchs, planks, and other grueling exercises. I have terrible flexability and core strength. I need to find a better way to sneak this type of activity in to my regiment or I won’t stay with it.

The Man and I went out for lunch today. I got a chicken salad. It was decent. Afterward we went to the store and bought Bobo a new blanket and pillow for his bed. I also bought 4 new chargers for our various phones and tablets. For some reason we keep losing chargers and we were down to 2. Having only two chargers lead to a lot of bickering between Snooch and Bobo. Now that problem is solved. 

After The Man left for work I cleaned up the living room and did some laundry. I also installed a run for Rascal. He wants to be outside more than we want to be out there with him. Now that he is getting a little bigger I feel comfortable leaving him outside for small pockets of time. This will also help immensely for his late night potty runs.

When the kids got home from school we took Rascal for a walk. We made it a decent distance before the puppy plopped down in the grass next to the side walk. His tongue stuck out and he flopped over on to his side, so I ended up carrying him the entire way back. The temperature was rising. Me, wearing a hoodie and carrying a puppy started to really sweat. I’m happy with that. It means I was burning calories! 

Starr (so not his real name) texted me while we were on the walk. Starr is my co-worker as well as my friend. Not that this is relevant to anything, but he’s also gay. Growing up as a tom boy I get along better with guys than girls. As a married woman, I don’t want deep friendships with straight guys because I don’t want to put myself in a position where my fidelity could ever come into question. Anyways, Starr texted me and said that our district manager is caputs! This as it stands is bad news. I liked our old one. I have no idea what to expect from the new one. This whole situation makes me a little nervous.

I worked tonight. The Man was waiting up for me when I got home. I love it when he does. 

My goals for tomorrow will be the following:

•2 cups of coffee (No more)

• 1 work out challenge from the 30 day fitness challenge

•Go for a walk with Snooch and Rascal

•Clean the bathroom



2 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet?”

  1. Really admiring your determination to get fit! I really need to do exercises for my stomach and maybe use bio oil as the stretch marks just makes the fat look even worse. I once had to carry my dog back up a hill all the way back home because she did the same thing Rascal did, haha I looked really odd and I felt a bit embarrassed. I’ve always had deep friendships with guys because I find being friends with guys easier too, but they all ALWAYS ended up as something more in the end and got seriously messed up.

  2. I hear ya on the guy friendships getting complicated. I’ve had that happen in the past. That’s another reason why I value my friendship with Starr. He’s married too. We can both ramble on about our husbands!

    I think Rascal really liked being carried all the way home. Of course once we got there he wasn’t tired anymore!

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