LA marathon crash skate

It was just amazing. I think I stayed up all night on the new years day of 2016 before today. I stayed up all night plus skated 26 miles. My legs were cramping up at the end but I was able to make it and it felt so good! I didn’t really do much for the rest of the day cause of that but it was totally worth it. Kind of hope it happens every month. Just for the record, I got to Chinatown station in DTLA with Katelyn at 3:15 AM. Started to skate around 3:30 AM then kept skating to Santa Monica except for the one part where all the bikers were meeting. Took about 3 hours to complete almost 26 miles and there were lots of heels on the way. Finished around 6 AM then coffee and croissant. Ubered back home then slept for couple hours then lunch at the Korea restaurant in K-town. Back home figured out how to use Redux for my app then dinner with Dosung and his friend at BBW. Good time but I felt too tired to do anything else. Back home around 9:30 PM then sleep. Feel really good for doing the marathon skate today. So worth it! I will definitely do it again.

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