march 21, 2017.

last night i was about to go to bed when brenna reached out to me about feeling anxious, so we ended up skypeing for almost three hours. it’s something i rarely do; while we were chatting i mentioned to her about how i dislike texting and talking on the phone or any real form of communication aside from through email or twitter, and that’s true. it’s taken me a long time to gravitate myself away from platforms that i’m uncomfortable with, because for a long time i felt obligated to be on call 24/7 whenever someone wanted to talk, i guess. i like being able to ghost. i like being able to take my time and do things at my own pace.

all that said, it was so nice just talking on the phone for once. i care about brenna a lot and it’s so good just to talk to someone who’s on your wavelength, you know? i am going to try to reach out more to friends now. i dread that phase of a skype call where you run out of energy, so to speak, and there’s a lot of silence. you know what i mean? i always feel really awkward. i think a lot of people don’t mind and think of it as normal or even comforting but it makes me a little anxious. that didn’t happen last night and it was really really nice. 

tl;dr: rose re-discovers the joys of human contact and socializing.

anyway. we got the mail later in the day yesterday and – lo and behold! i got my sophie and toffee order! i’ve recently been really into decoden… which is fucking hilarious and stupid, coincidentally, but i can’t help but love it. i bought a bunch of supplies a few weeks ago and they’ve slowly been coming in. this morning i made a 3DS XL case with an aerith charm i’ve had for ages, plus some little polymer clay lilies that i made to sort of emulate the look of her flower garden. it’s godawful. i put wayyyyyy too much glitter on it, and i got lazy and didn’t make enough of the lilies to really make it look cohesive, and the whipple and drizzle are two completely different shades of green. but it was fun. and nobody’s going to see it but me, and when i see it i’m going to laugh at how bad it is. so, yeah. decoden: fun and ridiculous. my two favorite feelings in one hobby.

i’ve spent today watching the entirety of an anime called terror in resonance, part 2.0 of my ‘rose gets into anime’ life phase. i like it. it occurred to me today that i seem to like all kinds of anime, but my two favorites are: A) utterly twee and flamboyant girly slices-of-life, or B) mystery dramas full of murder and violence and gore. my myanimelist page looks like it belongs to jekyll and hyde.

not sure what i’ll do this evening. i need to hem a curtain for one of mom’s friends and then i think i might start a new anime series or watch a movie. i hope everyone else has been having a good day. xx

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