Went for chemo today and I didn’t get a good report from last Thursday’s scan.  Saw doctor first who broke the news.  Scan showed cancer larger in left breast, lymph nodes basically in lungs and cancer in liver is larger.  So had me go through a special fund because the next chemo involved MANY pills and the copay would be extremely expensive.   I got the added help approved but when I found out the amount and size of the pills I confided in my doctor that there would be no way I would be able to swallow all these pills.  My wonderful doctor agreed and so on to the next step which is basically the one after all the pills.   We are going to give it a try.   Now to hear its description.  Chemo will be EVERY week.  Side effects- possible hair loss (especially when it is starting to come in pretty good and I was planning on going to a salon for Easter), nausea, diahrea,(why can’t I spell that word?) constipation, neuropothy in hands and feet, extreme fatigue, trouble walking AND on the dreaded third week a probable SHOT.  The reason for the shot of Neulasta is because of probable bone marrow depression which is a decrease in the number of white and red blood cells and platelets raising risk of infection making you tired and weak and raises risk of bleeding.  Also lots of echocardiograms.  I didn’t have any chemo today but did have blood work done as usual.  I watched a short video on neulasta the thing that delivers medicine the day after chemo but I don’t think I can do it.  I will have to look into it some more because you all know how I am chicken when it comes to shots.  Next Tuesday is first round of new chemo and next Thursday is an echo.   Buddy just came back from vet with his new manicure and pedicure.  He got two shots.  Well that is all the depressing news for now.  I am now asking for prayers that I don’t have to get the shot.  I am starting to get what they mean about battling and fighting cancer.

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