School Days

Xyryl Zen Guiller G. Ibarra



I don’t really remember much about preschool or kinder. All I remember that it s a Montessori school?

Middle School/ Elementary

Northridge Elementary School

I only stayed here for 2 years because I couldn’t handle the bullying.The school and the principle were nice. Third grade I transferred to SLU-LES.

Saint Louis University – Laboratory Elementary School (SLU-LES)

I know this is a religious country but i don’t think that the adults should be forcing their religion on their children. Aren’t schools suppose to be teaching them subjects that are essential for them to grow up? The children are eventually going to learn about religion on their own. They are free to choose their own religion. I remember that we pray before and after class, we pray the rosary every after lunch and we have a subject called religion. I wasn’t religious because I was and still agnostic. 

I don’t really have much good memories, mostly bad or neutral memories. I didn’t have any long term friends. Lessons are pretty normal and there are not much events. 

High School

University of Baguio Science High School (UB Sci High)

High School is more memorable than my previous schools because it is more fun. I made friends in the long term and the school has made the student body more into a family than just children. Subjects are suppose to be more advanced than the subjects in UB Prep High School (sister/brother school). So far there are not much bad things I’ve experienced in this school. There are a lot of events that the school give and traditions that the school holds. The school is very recommendable.


University of Baguio College

This is the first University I went after high school because I was from UB Sci High and they provide scholarships. The subjects are good but the instructors are not good. Some instructors don’t teach properly. I wouldn’t want to brag but the subjects seemed easy. The University also didn’t have other courses that I could be interested in, that is why I transferred to iAc.


I learned most of my values in High School. But studying in these schools and universities has made me into who I am now. I appreciate the bad and good experiences and memories from there schools. Without these experiences, I wouldn’t be here and would probably be a different person than who I am now.

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