Some times my dad just aggravates me.

I love my dad, really I do. But right now I’m at my wits end with him. I’m happy he’s moved on after mom passed. I have no problem with him dating around. The only thing that bothers me about it is that he has no problem bring random women around the children. Since Jae has been born, he’s had, two different girlfriends. It’s confusing the kids. It doesn’t even bother me that his last girlfriend was close to my age. I don’t want the kids to think it’s acceptable to just to grow bored of someone and find someone else. 

To put a topper on the cake, dad has a problem that I grounded Kyran, and that Kyran’s too young to be grounded. He’s 8, and I’ve asked him three separate times to clean his room and help feed the bunnies. He was “too busy” playing whatever he was doing on Lilly’s tablet. So we both grounded him from the tablet, computer, and video games for two weeks unless he has school work than he can use the computer. During those two weeks, he can clean his room and should be able to find time to feed the bunnies. I don’t feel the punishment was harsh at all. Lilly and I created the kids, it’s up to us to decide what’s right for them. 

On another note, Jaeson loves to cuddle with me, until it’s time to eat lately. The only thing he wants mommy for is to feed him. My wife doesn’t mind it that Jaeson wants to spend time with me. Calista and Zelda are both mommy’s girls anyway. Mollie’s daddy’s girl, and as for Kyran he’s at that age he likes nobody. 

Mollie’s been jealous of the attention that Jaeson’s been getting. I’ve tried to give her all the attention I can when I’m home, and Jaeson’s asleep, but she doesn’t understand when he’s cranky, or when he’s having tummy time that I can’t just leave him alone. 

Lilly and I do have a chance to do one of our favorite bonding activities together this weekend.  Lilly and I love to extreme coupon. People find it weird that I like to do it as well. But we haven’t gone out to the store together for awhile, and my Gi, has been complaining that her mini shampoo and deodorant stockpile has dwindled. Lilly and I have been on solo missions, like to Dollar General, for their digital coupons, and their penny deals, but to go to places like Jewel, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and all of those places alone we haven’t. So Gianna is planning on watching the kids (except for Jaeson) Friday and Saturday.

I think that updates everyone.  Peace, love, happiness and blessing to everyone. Love Jeph

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