Tuesday March 21st

It’s officially spring. I am at my hopefully final job in NYC. I may still have a side hustle, but I would like to stay here until my retirement. Or until I move away from here. Whichever happens first. I would be open to moving to another country, or another part of this one- 

I am loving this new school so far. The location is sweet. It is not in my hood, but a better hood- if I ever can afford to move, I might move either farther south in the UWS or even Hell’s Kitchen. I don’t forsee ever being able to even possibly afford anything any further south than that. I would have to fall into something wonderful to even get further south than I am now. I doubt that I will ever go north again aside from a Yankees game now that I don’t work in Harlem, anymore. 

I am not allowed to actually start working yet because my paperwork hasn’t been completed, so I’m just sitting in the classroom, observing. I will be so relieved when all that crap is done- even my step increase stuff that I haven’t started yet. Once I am squared away, I will be relieved. I am anxious to see how much money I actually make, too. If I get to do my surgery, and my face is healed, I might go to see Richard in August. 

I will have to decide what to do with all that crap in my storage, too. I don’t think I will even need any of it. The photo albums and mementos are what I will have to decide what to do with. I could give a lot of that stuff to Bethany. I will definitely look into sending/giving some of that stuff to her. I will also ask her if she wants that cedar chest. 

Later, that same day…

The principal from the Queens school just called me and bawled me out. He accused me of being “sneaky” and on and on. I didn’t argue with him. I just let him yell at me. Whatever. He is wrong. I did tell the truth. They told me in Brooklyn that my science license may not be honored in NY. I was sick at my stomach on Wednesday, thinking I had no job. I was applying for jobs all over the  place- all kinds of jobs. I will be happy when this is settled. I just hope he doesn’t call my current principal and yell at him like he yelled at me. Does that idiot think this is the only other job interview I’ve been offered? What a jerk. 

Later, that same day…

I still haven’t heard anything from Booklyn about my job. If that asshat called me this morning, so it must be in the work.

Later, that same day…

This whole certification business has been a fucking nightmare. Never, ever will I believe it when a state claims to have reciprocity. That’s bullshit in this case for sure. I have spent so much fucking money trying to get this credential. I doubt I would have ever figured it out or completed it had I stayed at the charter school since most of those people aren’t certified anyway. That asshole at Halsey has made a big stink over this and made me to look bad. Now I’m sick at my stomach. I don’t know what is going to happen at this point. I suppose it could go either way. I blew off that 3:30 appointment yesterday with that personal assistant job hunter company. I am on hold with the NYSED right now. The wait time is over 30 minutes. If their web site wasn’t such a cluster fuck, there wouldn’t be so many people calling. Now what? Well, I have a little money that I can live on for a couple of months- maybe 3. Then I’m wiped. 

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