260.0 – Down .8 today

I think I’m enjoying this stuff that I picked up from CostCo a little too much; it’s a product called “Bitchin’ Sauce” and it’s like a paste/dip made from crushed almonds. It’s spicy and freakin’ delicious. It’s only 1 total gram of carbs per tablespoon; however, I find myself dipping into the container a couple (or more) times a day, so I’m going to reign that in a bit. I’m not going to stop eating it, but I’m going to limit it to 3 Tbsp per day, and I’ll be using it as a dip.

B: Warrior coffee
S: Warrior tea
L: Hamburger patty w/ avocado and bacon, spinach salad with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and olive oil
D: Tequila Lime Wings with 3 Tbsp Bitchin’ Sauce

Take a gauge:
Feeling: Good. A lot better than I was yesterday.
Hunger: Slightly peckish. I have my warrior coffee, and I will drink it when it’s cool
Environment: It’s chilly in the living room this morning, it’s supposed to rain today
Emotions: Relieved
Moving Forward: I will maintain a mindful awareness of what I’m eating, how I feel when I eat it, and how it makes me feel.

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