11:02 | Slytherin Pride | We Don’t Have to Dance

It’s amazing. Today was terrible. Tuesday made up for all of the sucky parts of Monday that didn’t actually happen on Monday.

I found out that I got a 44/100 on a physics test, which is weighted three times. A literal 44. I don’t even know how that happened. I’m dead.

At 11:02 I wrote a hurried note on my phone. My mood had plummeted so quickly that I felt dizzy, and I was definitely going to cry if I didn’t do something. It’s a depressing note.

It’s interesting, really, how dramatically my emotions swing up and down. You wouldn’t think that something like a failed test could elicit such a strong emotional response from me, but it did, and it sounds so stupid, but it really happened. Hmm. What do you think that says about me?

It’s Slytherin Pride Day today, by the way, which is great, because THAT’S MY HOUSE. I didn’t have any Slytherin clothes or accessories to wear though, which sucks, but it’s alright. I’m just proud. It’s disappointing, though, that there weren’t as many Slytherin-Pride posts on Instagram today, at least not as many as there were for Hufflepuff Pride Day (yesterday).

I’m really stressed. I really do want to die. I want to die all the time. It’s depressing, especially because I know I can’t, and I probably won’t. Maybe one day–if I really–but no. I’ve had bad days before, and I remember almost passing out from crying too hard. I haven’t killed myself yet, though, so…

Sigh. I’m depressing. The moment I got home today I opened up an emo playlist on Spotify. The loud noise helped my shot nerves. Some of the songs were truly awful, because the singers had such nasally voices, but some were great. I like Andy Biersack’s voice. He’s so pretty. And his voice! We Don’t Have to Dance is my anthem:

It’s so nice to meet you, let’s never meet again!

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