Anxiety Problems

So in 5 days it will be a month since my dad passed away and I feel myself getting anxious about it. It feels like a lifetime since I got the call he went into the hospital…that horrible day that changed my sister and my lives forever. Still can’t believe he is gone. I keep expecting a text from him when the weather is good or bad, how he got out to get some Burger King or KFC or Subway. The other day I was going to text him complaining about my job til I remembered that I will never again see, text, or talk to him again. I finally finished the scrapbook for my sister and have started doing mine. This Sunday my sister and me are getting tattoos in remembrance of my dad, not sure what yet but prolly the skull he had on his arm from the USMC. Still don’t and prolly never will understand why he was taken from us…he was only 59!! Anyway positive note we are one step closer to getting my husbands citizenship papers. Still will be a few months but hoping for the best…something in my life has to go right…right???

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