Learning The Hard Way.

So I just signed up for this Goodnight Journal website, and I Honestly don’t care if people read it or not at this point. I just feel Like I need to get some things out.  I’ve realized that i’m gonna be one of those people in life that learns the hard way. I’ve always been the emotional type but I see that i’m learning how to cut my emotions off. That’s only causing physical pain on the inside of me though. Have you ever felt so emotionally pained that it feels like your organs are falling apart slowly. I guess that’s why they say stress can kill. But there is no point in dwelling on your emotions or bringing yourself down. That won’t get you anywhere. Just gotta make it through life best way you can. And that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m not gonna let my emotions or anything get in my way. 

One thought on “Learning The Hard Way.”

  1. Oh yeah, stress can kill. It can weaken a lot of individual body parts and organs in your body, including your brain. So it’s a repetitive cycle where if you’re really stressed out, your organs lose functionality, your brain can’t think as well so you become even more stressed out, and so on. So, stress can destroy lives.

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