How can we identify monsters?
These days, every one seems more alike
Not all look creepy that they make you shudder
They can be harmless before that very first strike

How do we know which one is the predator?
How many are there?
Should we lock every door?
Must we always feel this scared?

They look so normal
completely human
They seem to stay out of trouble
until the victims fall…

…undeniably more and more
Body counts that won’t stop
The list goes on and it’s a lot
with more impatient, angry mob
demanding justice from every cop

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been careful
Their friendly ways can still have you fooled
Even if they’re not into you
they might target your children too

How can we identify monsters?
Have we already let them in,
through our open doors?
Have they played their charm,
before causing anyone harm?

Which ones are the predators?
How do we know for sure?
Don’t you wish you were a psychic,
just to discover who’s really sick?

May none of them be seen in the mirror



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