New school, new year, new me

New school. New year. New me. Isn’t that what we all say? The only thing I expected was dirty looks and silence from everyone. I was right. Today I skipped lunch and sat in one of the bathroom stalls until lunch break was over. Then when I had gone to class I just had to wait for the last 3 periods to go by. For the first week, no one talked to me. But everyone stared at me. I did get lunch though, but I still sat in the bathroom on the toilet.
Biology. Groups are needed for lab. Great… Luke asked me if I wanted to be in his group with him and Johnny. “Sure, why not?” Johnny was funny, and he had this smile that made me want to smile. Luke seemed very confident and he was a jock, you could tell. He was very flirty. Johnny was quiet. During lab, Johnny asked me for my number. We texted for about 2 months. We went out on our first date in October. We went to a bowling alley with him and his friends Mike’s family. It was fun. Then we went to November Rain for our second date with Mike and his girlfriend Zoey, who later became one of my best friends. Johnny and I talked on the phone all night. Literally sometimes I would wake up when my alarm went off for school and we were still on the phone. Jake wasn’t really in the picture anymore since I was underage and my mom could do pretty much anything she wanted, and she did. We moved and Jake had to stay behind. I talked to him on the phone sometimes but it wasn’t going to work because it was long distant and we didn’t have cars to go see each other an hour away. It wasn’t over until I found out a “new” friend of mine, Rachel, was talking to him behind my back. She went and “hungout” with him and things happened. So, it was over and I moved onto Johnny, officially. Zoey was the one who told me what happened with Rachel and Jake, but he kept denying it and accused me of cheating because I was talking to Johnny. I guess to some people that is cheating, but to me I was lonely and Jake wasn’t doing anything about it. I couldn’t, I was 15.
Johnny and I started dating November 23rd. I asked him one night if we were dating and he said he thought so. I told him no, you have to ask me. Ha-ha. So, he hung up the phone and called me back and asked me if I wanted to date him. I said “yea, duh.”
Christmas came and I was shopping for Johnny at the mall. I was on the phone with him getting sizes and before he hung up I said “I love like you”, and then I hung up fast. I didn’t exactly mean to say love, but I guess I did love him, it was just kind of soon? He then sent a text saying “I luvike you too”. From then on it started to be our thing we did, it was funny and cute. He thinks I’m corny.
New school. New year. New me. Isn’t that what we all say? I didn’t expect to meet the love of my life, my high school sweetheart. I didn’t expect to make some great friends. I didn’t expect any of it, but I’m glad it happened.

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