Our weekdays(Sun~Tues-Bo. Mon~Wed-John)

You went to Church early with Alana, staying there until four pm I think. After you came back you had a conversation with your mom and then you started to study for the exam on Monday after editing it the brochure.

(Mon) I was up for the issue of Visa, getting worried about it and sort of just slept through whole day waking up when you were in Hospital class waiting you come back after you went to Kimbap place with your friends and then you called me facechat. I felt asleep and you went to your class for the Business class to take the exam. You said it was a fair exam and I called on your way to home.

after that in the morning(Tuesday morning) I ate breakfast while you(Mon night) were studying Bio after you have discussed your mother about the church. You seemed very tired and went bed around Eleven Thirty.

Waking up around seven thirty, you studied a bit for Tuesday morning class exam(bio) and you went to class to take the exam. I was trying to help you by quizzing you in the express bus but it seemed a little hard. But you did well 🙂 and you were working on your essay after you called the office.

Continue on Tuesday afternoon, when I went to Seoul to stay over my friend’s room and you went to Practicum left out not giving a massage to anyone but only to your Chinese friend.

after your class I called you when I woke up and you tried to study orgo 2. I wanted to help you but I was on move to SNU. You went to class listening some advertisement on Medical or Bio lab? And you studied but Prof. stopped students using their phones ending up losing connection.

After that I ate some breakfast straight up for Biochem while you were in Orgo 2. You seemed you learned about how to name carboxylic acid derivatives. I learned about Isoelectric Point and and amino acid purification.

You felt  a little lost because they went too far so a bit discoursed and skeptical about continuing the auditing ending up telling Professor the course is too difficult at this point. 

Came out around nine pm, heading to home, you had a late night dinner and had a bible study with your mother and brother. I was meeting my high school friend.

You felt asleep while I was heading to get my new Visa and I am writing his diary.

I wish you could’ve written down your bible study story today but I understand you must be really tired due to wake up early for the exam and staying there until nine pm.

It must be a lot. I love you and I hope you have a good night my darling. ❤️ 

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