Trapped in a loop

Um hi…. I never thought id need one ove these but I do need help, I’m trapped in a cycle I don’t understand. I just finished high school last year and thought I’d take a bit of a one year break, well it was going ok until November 2016 when I started having anxiety problems and from there it only got worse. 

I live with my mom and dad, I don’t have my drivers license and don’t have a job or college. I’m overweight and not proud of it and I come from a family line with a long history of depression and anxiety. 


Now heres my main problem , due to my being over weight I have a few health problems, I’m pretty sure I’ve got irritabl bowl syndrome which can cause pain, gas and problems potty wise. It also adds on to the anxiety I already have.  Now here’s how I say I’m trapped ,  I get anxious when I feel like there is something wrong with me , like if I get a pain in my side or if my arm falls asleep for to long, it spikes my anxiety, when this happens my anxiety makes me feel nauseous, which in turn makes me more anxious, it’s been going on like this for months now. 

My family knows about it but they say it’s all in my head , and to a somewhat extent I believe them, but I’d like to find out ways to make it all stop. I don’t want to be so anxious I’m driving my loved ones away from me… but I don’t know how to make this all stop. 

Im getting my medical cards soon and I’m going to book an appointment with a doctor so I figure that’s a step in the right direction but hell Im still far from comforted right now, I really need help but I’m not sure who to turn to.

im going to try to write here every day maybe twice a day maybe just getting this all off my chest will help me ease my mind instead of keeping this all bottled up   -shadow

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  1. hello shadow. welcom to gnj. i have a friend who was in the same situation as you 3 years ago. she was 19 and overweight. she was home schooled so she didnt have any friends after graduation. she knew that she needed things to change both for her health and to lift her self esteem in order to make friends. She was way too self concious to join a gym so she decided on a treadmill in her bedroom. at first i remember she would barely use it because it was causing her a lot of pain after using it. at some point she just became fed up with being so lazy and feeling depressed that she just realized pushing herself hard was the only way. She pushed through the pain for months and eventually in just over a year she finally was looking and feeling great. All the health problems vanished. I hope you can find the strength to do what you need to do. Its no fun but its worth every swollen, aching, mentally agonizing minute of doing what it takes to be healthy.

  2. Hi tanis, thank you so much for your help, I do own a treadmill I just need to set it up, hopefully it will help me like it did your friend. Thanks also for taking the time to tell me about your friend, just knowing I’m not the only one who’s experiencing and or experienced this comforts me.

  3. Just deep breathes, love. I get it. I suffer from both depression and anxiety…And I’m overweight as well. Not fun, but yet we are still here.
    Just try to limit your intake but make sure everything you eat is healthy. Family isn’t always supportive in our situations.
    Hope everything works out for you dear! I don’t mind being an ear to lend.

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