No title.

I couldn’t think of a title. I don’t think I can really title my thoughts because most of the time they are either memories I dwell on and or questioning life . I’m not questioning life in a “bad” way ,more like I’m confused about a lot. Before I thought I knew what life was ,but now I’m not so sure. Its complicated to explain and I try to understand it. For example: I don’t understand when a person will say “oh people act this way or that way, its part of life” What does that even mean? Why is it “a part of life” for people to take advantage of those whom does nice to them? Why do people of kindness be treated as though they deserve the shit they take from people? These are some things I question everyday when it comes to life . Some understand life and some don’t. I’m one of those people who don’t get the meaning of life. I probably won’t understand it for awhile because there’ll always be something that’ll make me question it.

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