259.0 – Down a pound

Well, the weight is trending downward: up, down, up, down more, but over time, it’s going down overall. I’m not complaining- yippee

Currently reading ‘The Primal Blueprint’, and it’s a pretty darn good read. It’s close to Paleo, and I’m already eating closely to this WOE now that I’m not consuming dairy products. It allows for fruit, but it also says that if you’re trying to lose weight, fruit’s not your friend. Mostly I’m interested in the exercise portion of this book. It stresses playing and having fun over actual structured workouts, although of course it doesn’t prohibit them. It focuses on what our ancestors would have done: lots of lifting, squatting, pulling, and very short bursts of high intensity cardio when trying to catch prey (or keep from being prey). It makes sense. I think this may be what I’m looking for, exercise-wise.

I had a bit of a realization last night: I haven’t had trouble falling asleep in months. It used to take me an hour (or more) to get to sleep, and I would have to read, meditate, etc. to calm myself enough to get to sleep. Now… I just fall asleep 30 seconds or so after my head hits the pillow. It’s amazing. I used to envy my husband for being able to do that, and now look at me!

B: Warrior coffee
S: Warrior tea
L: Lamb and roasted chicken salad with olive oil for dressing
D: Chicken Sausage w/ Garlic, Artichokes, and Mozzarella. I’m going to eat only one of these I think, and only if I like them, since I’m avoiding cheese. If I take a bite and it’s not AMAZING, I’m going to opt for something else.

Take a gauge:
Feeling: Energetic
Hunger: None
Environment: It’s cold again. It rained and hailed here last night
Emotions: Peaceful
Moving Forward: I’m going to give some serious thought to a Plan B for dinner.

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