Chapter 1: A New Adventure

Our day began like so many others. We set off to new adventures. The catch was we weren’t allowed to bring anything with us on our adventure. We knew when we decided to do this that it would be a challenge. That we’d be going in blind, to a new place, a new world, with people that we don’t know and we’d be forced to survive. We looked at each other and we turned from our lives of grandeur and joined another Ark.

I woke on the beach with nothing around but a trike. I looked up at the tall blue obelisk before me then down at my bare body remembering that we couldn’t bring anything with us, not even the clothes on our backs. I started to gather rocks together to start building a home while walking down the beach looking for my brother Thomas, who was going by Hellion here, and my twin, Kaiya. I could hear Hellion’s voice in my head, like we always could in that weird family way. He spawned in and died to peggos. Fucking peggos. Those things are evil. I waited for him to respawn and I started looking for him again.
While walking down the beach I see a beautiful blue wyvern. It’s sitting on the edge of the water next to a building, just resting. I turn to walk back the other way not wanting to disturb the sleeping wyvern and see my brother running up the beach behind me. I was so excited to see a familiar face. One quick hug with a Y wheel and we were once again family. Together we began to craft a little house next to a large tree so we could store some things. We knew the land we were on was under King Richie’s rule and we would be considered citizens of the Kingdom of the Blue Ape, but this was not our desire. We decided to stay here and serve the King peacefully until we had the means to move to a quiet tree house cottage in the woods in No Man’s Land. No king dared stretched their hand that far to take control of No Man’s Land, and that is where we’d eventually peacefully survive.
I started back up the beach looking for the twin, Kaiya. I could hear her admiring the sleeping wyvern so that’s the direction I headed. Another hug with the Y wheel and we were all connected once again. While they worked on getting together the things we needed for a home I set off up the mountain for some metal. I wasn’t sure what else to do but to gather the precious resource we would always eventually need. Trip after trip I ran back and forth with metal while our house slowly built up around our bed we placed.
Off in the distance we saw a huge cat run down the beach. It was massive looking with a man sitting on top of it. The cat followed this mans orders with no complaint. It was rather impressive. In only a matter of moments the man and cat were out of sight. I looked up to see that we’d all stopped working to watch the man and cat run past. We looked at each other wondering if we’d have to worry about them coming back to make meals out of us. After a minute or two we went back to our work. The man on the large cat ran back and forth. It took us a few times to get used to seeing him, but it seemed like he meant us no harm. As he made his passes he got closer and closer.
I stood in our home unsure what to do next. I just wanted to collect my thoughts together before doing more. I heard the man with the cat right at our door. It seemed that his curiosity got the better of him. I froze and stood perfectly still when I noticed him standing in our open doorway. He walked up to me and stared at me with curiosity in his eyes. I saw now that his name was King Richie. So this was the King I thought. He seemed to think I wasn’t there. He walked around our small home and looked through all the boxes. He never took anything, just looked to see what we had.
Finally he walked back out the door and stood outside to talk to Hellion. The King welcomed us to his kingdom and asked if we intended to stay. Dear brother made it clear to King Richie that we would not be permanent guests in his kingdom. He welcomed us with open arms, even though he knew our stay was temporary. He gave us each 100 Bush Berry Seeds so we could have currency within the kingdom. He also blessed us with ramshackle picks and axes made of metal so we could continue our gathering with ease. He welcomed us again to the kingdom and left us to our own devices.
We continued to farm materials and stock pile metal in preparation for our move to No Man’s Land as soon as possible. The king came by often to see our progress. I took a break from metal gathering to gather more berries. We’d been eating nothing but berries from off the land ever since we got here. I was beginning to get tired of berries. I dug through my pack to sort out the berries we couldn’t eat. I knew the black berries were dangerous, these berries were called narco berries and they had a tendency to make whoever ate them fall asleep. There was no way I was going to keep these to eat. I tossed them out of my pack and moved onto the purple mejo berries. There was tale that if you fed berries to certain dinos they would ” tame” and become like a pet to you. I wonder if that’s what the king did with the cat he rode. Surely he didn’t use berries though. An animal like that would eat only meat.
I was lost in thought when I noticed a small bird staring at the purple berries I was holding. Eggs sounded like a good meal to bring home to my family. I watched this bird carefully as I crafted together a club. By following the tales I’ve heard I smacked the poor bird upside the head with it. The poor thing was instantly terrified and flapped his wings madly trying to get away. I felt so bad for it that I almost didn’t wish to continue. It’s little wings were too small to lift it’s fat body off the ground and the poor little thing was flapping so hard that it was loosing it’s little feathers. I whopped it upside the head again and again till the poor little thing fell over unconscious. I felt so bad for scaring the poor creature but I vowed to protect him for the rest of his days. I pet his head a few times then gave it some of the purple berries and one or two of the black berries to keep it sleepy. Within a few minutes the poor thing blinked back into consciousness. It looked around and then back at me. I gave it a few more petting then gave it a name. I named him Fred the Borrus. I picked him up and tucked him under my arm and carried him off to our home.
I repeated the process a few more times till we had several female friends for Mr. Fred and in no time they were laying us eggs. I came threw and collected the eggs they’d layed as often as I could. Soon we had at least a dozen eggs and we could have something other then berries to eat. The day grew late and even the king quit coming about to check in on us and we decided to retire for the night.
Hellion said he’d be to bed shortly after us. He wanted to get a jump start on planing crops for us to eat rockcarrots and savor root. I drifted off to sleep while my brother bustled around the home quietly crafting together crop plots and tanks for water to place on our roof top. I think I’m going to like this place. We could build a nice life here.

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