“I like you!”

Ok, so have I made a complete fool of myself? Or is it just fine?

It’s been like two weeks now and I just hadn’t gotten the courage to finally talk to my crush. Maybe I have been sneaky looking at him at times but thats pretty much it. 

Today on my way home, I was walking together with my friend. My crush was on the other side of the road, walking alone. Me and my friend made a bet, if he turns and look at us on the other side of the road, I will shout “I like you”. 

While walking I stared at him constantly and waited for him to turn his head to us. After a short while, I caught his eyes. We just walked and stared at eachoters for like 5 seconds. He finally shouted “Hi” over to me, and I panicked and went straight in for it; I shouted “I Like You”. 

Absolutely no cars came then, there was complete silence. I got so emberassed I couldnt look at him, so I hid my face and started laughing with my friend.

I’m not completely sure he heard what I said. He had earplugs in but I dont think he had music on. 

Maybe he just saw my lips move but not what I said? What if he did hear what I said though ? Have I ruind every single chance I have with him now? Does he think im a complete weirdo now?

Like I’ve never talked to him, we have just been looking at eachothers from time to time. 

(Atleast I did finish my side of the bet) 

One thought on ““I like you!””

  1. That happened to me in 7th grade… Some girl sent a guy over to tell me that she liked me, I was like…… umm…. no idea how to react…. so I looked away, and kept reading this newspaper by myself……..

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