progress so far

This is Isma logging in to report progress on the Hat Enchantment Project (as I dubbed it). My primary targets right now are Meglin, Simphon, and Chismin. 

If the spell goes as planned, I’ll have my own servant to do my bidding and worship my name! I’ll finally have a friend! Oh, how I’ve waited for this day. This spell has been many years in the making, y’know!

Now! Chismin is someone I do know very dearly (I’d know him more dearly if that brat Marnie would step away for a few seconds), but he doesn’t think so fondly of me anymore… damn.

Meglin sees right through me. Besides, he would never come over to my house unless I had something he wanted. And I don’t know what he likes, books? Nerd things, I guess.

Simphon is my best bet. He’s quite gullible, a big softie, able-bodied, fairly strong, and he likes everyone! I’ll think about it…

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