Why do people have secrets? Is it so they can watch their own backs, so eventually they learn to manipulate and control you. Lately the world seems to not be on my side. So many secrets that i am learning about other people. It makes me question who i really am. Who am I? Am i a liar. do i keep secrets? I keep secrets yes, just like anyone. There’s no point in trying to lie or keep a secret. Everyone finds out anyway. This is why i have a hard time trusting people. I don’t trust my family, i trust my boyfriend, kinda. I don’t trust people at work because they’re backstabbers. Just like all my friends from high school. Who am i kidding… What friends… They’re all liars and keep secrets. The worst part is finding out about the secret. I’m hurt. You lied to me. You say your furious with me when you were the first one who lied and kept secrets. But when i go and do the same think as your secret, you go and tell everyone my secret. Its not fair… Life isnt fair… i don’t have anyone i can trust… 

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