Spiders & goals

I saw something moving right next to my hand when I opened up my mailbox yesterday afternoon. Upon further inspection I was midly alarmed to realize that it was a black spider and it was preventing me from getting my mail.

I scanned the area looking for a stick or anything that could aid me in removing that spider from my mailbox. I found a stick and gently nudged the spider out of my mailbox and on to the ground.

I saw a pretty red design on the spiders bottom “bulb” standing out against the black. That is when it hit me. I almost swatted a black widow spider out of my mailbox. Eek!!! Just to be certain I google imaged black widow & I am positive that is the spider I saw. 

I have yet to work out today, but I am pulling a longer shift tonight so I just might skip today. I did work out yesterday. To help me when I am short on time I bought a bunch of those frozen healthy steamer meals. It’s better I eat those than pizza.

Yesterday I focused my work out on cardio. I like those rapid paced whole body movements verses any exercise that resembles a crunch or a sit up.

I found a bunch of photos in my inbox. Thought I had lost them forever, but I forgot I sent them to myself for storage.


So there it is! One of my favorite pictures. That is Hoshi Akari & me at the Jacksonville Zoo. I was at my ideal weight in this picture. It is this image that is my target goal.


2 thoughts on “Spiders & goals”

  1. No, I wanted to squash it, but resisted. I didn’t want to kill it especially considering it was outside. I had no clue it was a black widow – they don’t live where I grew up. Turns out they are the 6th most dangerous spider in the world. Eek!

    Yup, that is me on the right. The blondie on the left is Deedee / Hoshi Akari.

  2. To be completely honest if I was checking the mail and there was a black widow, i wouldn’t have swated it I would of probably cried and went back home. I’m terrified of those things. Glad you didn’t get hurt.

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