The Divine Zero.

All these emo and punk and post-hardcore bands have lead singers with voices higher than my current physics grade.

The Divine Zero is loud. I like that part of it. Normally I would listen to lo-fi hip-hop or synthy pop songs while doing my homework, but now that I have to push myself harder, I have to go back to my “roots”: emo.

I’m embracing my emo again. Early-teen me was incredibly emo. There are some awful emo-fetus pictures of me–face round and chubby and pale and hair slanted all the way over one half of my face. I like the way synthy pulsing music makes me light and cool, as if my skin were being layered with static. But I also like how harsh and fierce punk music makes me feel big and sharp and hard and fearless. I like that feeling better. The Divine Zero. It makes me want to headbang and jump on top of tables. I like that feeling. It made me feel braver about studying for tomorrow’s crucial physics test.

I want to scream into the next century with this type of music.

2 thoughts on “The Divine Zero.”

  1. Have you tried “Exilia – Mr. Man” ?? (I say that like it’s a drug… it sort of is!)

    That is my favorite sad song. I’ve listened to it since 2015, and it still does not get old to this day. I’ve listened to it thousands of times, sometimes for hours on end in one sitting, just the same song in repeat. It’s never old. It’s a freaking amazing song.

  2. You have to listen to this song from beginning to end though. This song is amazing from the first second where that guitar strumming melody comes in, it is so brilliant. I cannot say enough good words about this song. The lyrics are phenomenal too, the best lyrics in any song.

    Anyway PrettyInBlack, please listen to it and let me know what you think. I have a ton of other songs like that if you like that sort of ‘depressing mood’ style kind of music.

    Some people like Obs, I showed her this song, and she didn’t like it! I’m like, HOW?! This is the best song ever written. Another depressing song is: “Chaos Chaos – Do you feel it” but that one sucks compared to this.

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