Angry doesn’t even begin to cover it

So the letter I had been waiting for from Child Benefits finally arrived after nearly 4 weeks. It turns out though that it doesn’t include the information I specifically asked for.

When I called them to query this, I was told that the type of letter I requested, following their advice, is the wrong one. They can request the correct one for me; the waiting time is 4 weeks but I was told that the Easter Bank Holiday would increase this to 5 weeks. Fucking brilliant.

If I try and explain my frustrations to people around me, all I hear is a dismissive “Oh, you’ll be fine, you have been here for ages/ are married to a Brit/ have a job / insert other stupid statement”.

If I hear this one more time, I think I will scream. IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK LIKE THIS!!!!!! I have to jump through administrative hoops, and spend inordinate amounts of time and money, to prove that I have a right to be here. There isn’t a fucking database somewhere of people who have been here for ages/ are married to a Brit/ have a job that the Government will use and send everyone in the database a UK passport and a fucking Christmas card. It just doesn’t work like this. I know people mean well but I wish they would stop making sweeping, ill-informed statements because it is so dismissive of the stress and worry my family are currently experiencing. And no, I am not being over-dramatic. Wait until you’re labelled a bargaining chip, and being given the choice of forking out close to £2000 and drowning yourself in paperwork, or taking your chances that a Government that doesn’t want you will look after your interests. When this happens to you, we’ll see who’s over-reacting.

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